Saturday, January 19, 2013

How to Get Free Cybersex

Since I did the post on how to know if a girl is interested in us, I've seen a huge drop in the number of people who is taking advantage on the Free Cybersex opportunity that I told you about in a previous post.

It doesn't matter if you try to get intimate with women on dating social networks or crappy text chats. Getting free sex shows thanks to these dirty chat rooms is SUPER easy, absolutely free and almost nobody use this because they think by giving away their credit card numbers they are going to lose money.

I said this is a SPECIAL OFFER from the network. They are never going to take your money away! They ask your credit card because they want you to eventually buy Premium one on one sex chat. But it's YOU who choose to buy Premium or not! As long as you stick to the Free (super crowded) and the MEMBER camgirls, you'll NEVER spend a dime. So let me repeat:

How to get Free One on One Sex Chat

It's super easy. To get an unlimited free membership with you have to:
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That's it!!!You can go to the page and try to have cybersex with the girls marked as Free chat without even registering, but that's jammed-packed with a bunch of guys who don't want to register because they think they're going to be ripped off. How short-sighted. They have unlimited free cyberex right before their eyes and they do nothing about it. LOL.

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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Most Common Signs that a Girl is Interested in Us

I mostly talk about one on one sex chat, but today I want to talk about what are the most common signs that a girl is attracted to us. If you're just looking for online/webcam one on one sex chat, you may think this post isn't worth to you, but I'll tell you: once you learn these signs, you'll have a lot clearer indications that a girl is attracted to you, so you can make a move on her.

girl interested in one on one sex chat
The following are signs that humans convey when something interests us. A patently obvious example is to ask the phone number so we can set a date later. That is a clear indicator that we are interested in knowing better the other person.

We can be aware that we are doing some of them, but some other ones are are unconscious (we don't realize our body language, non-verbal communication, etc.) The interesting thing is that several of this indicators are standard, meaning that all human beings usually behave in the same way when something interests us. This becomes clearer among women. Most girls behave the same way when they like a guy, and send the same signs. Knowing these signs is very important because they give you a reference about if you're doing well or not, when to call her on the phone or try to kiss her, if she's ready for sex chat one on one with her...

There are many indicators of interest, but the most clear that she wants to meet you, sex or one on one sex chat, are:

  • She laughs with the things you say, even if they are not funny.
  • She touches you accidentally while you speak (for example, putting her hand on your shoulder, chest or waist for a few seconds).
  • She looks at you straight in the eyes and if you hold it, eventually looks away shamefully DOWN (this is important) as you speak.
  • She orients herself to shere you are. Let's say a woman is placed away from you and she orients herself to another place not paying attention to you; probably she doesn't have much interest. But if she is very close to you, her body is directed toward you and looks to you all the time, things are going well. If you do it right, you'll notice that the girl starts having a disinterested body language and as you spend time with her, her body is orienting to you.
  • She keeps the conversation alive when it stalls. There is a silence and suddenly she restarts conversation. VERY good sign.
  • She compliments something you do and tries to boost your ego, e.g. saying you are very smart, or that she loves to chat with you.
When you perceive one of these signs alone, most likely the girl has interest in you. If you perceive two or three of them, it is almost certain that the girl wants something from you, probably NOT sex right away, but at least you'll get a very good starting point.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to Get Free One on One Sex Chat

When looking for free one on one sex chat, often the first thing guys try to do is trying to meet women in boring IRC text chat and trying to convince them to get naked before their webcams. Sometimes they try in online dating sites or social networks, or even call a naughty friend.

The problem is that it is always up to the girls to decide if they want to please you getting naked and masturbating for you.

Meanwhile, there are hundreds of stunning babes available for one on one sex chat, for FREE! And I want to tell you about them and how to get it.

I like a webcam site that offers both Premium and Free one on one sex chat, but the quantity of girls inside the free members area is so great that I only buy Premium one on one sex chat once in a while when I want cybersex chat with some specific cam girl.

3 Steps Away from Free One on One Sex Chat

To get an unlimited free membership with you have to:
one on one sex chat sign up form
Sign up form
  1. Sign up here through this free membership sign up form.
  2. Fill out the very short form with your name, email address and password of your choice.
  3. Make a $1 (yes, one dollar) payment to verify your credit card. Don’t worry if your currency is not the US dollar, your bank automatically makes the exchange, typically for a fee of only between 1 and 5 cents. You can also get your dollar back.
I said it is FREE and it is, because then if you want you can get the $1 back simply by emailing Support for it. The $1 payment is done to ensure you provide a valid credit card, so you can get instant access without waiting time in case you want to buy Premium sex chat one on one with a premium girl.

I get a commission (at no cost to you) if you join through these links, but I honestly recommend this sex chat site because it actually is my first choice for one on one sex chat and I've been using them for quite some time before deciding to become their affiliate. I want to be upfront with you because I'm only comfortable recommending stuff that I've already tried.

Some of The Benefits of this Free Offer

  • Free lifetime membership with unlimited one on one sex chat on
  • Pictures and movie galleries with thousands of pre-recorded shows
  • Mark your favorite girls for quick access
  • Get notified when your favorite cam girls are online (I like this one very much)


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to get a girl from one on one sex chat to the bed

Once we managed to connect with the girl and we had an interesting conversation in which we have known their tastes, their fears, their goals in life, etc. and hopefully, we achieved a little one on one sex chat, we must then take action and get something to contact with her more directly.

To jump directly from chat to sex is more complicated. Occasionally will happen, but usually first go to a closer kind of relationship from where establish a date to meet her in person and if everything goes well, nail her.

If we met her in a text chat and we have verified that she isn’t an orc from Mordor, or if we met her in a dating site or dating social network, it is time to get her instant messaging account (MSN, Yahoo) or facebook account. Many people don’t like facebook and I understand it, because after all is another social network, however I have chatted many times with girls and they engage much easier in conversation once they gossip around your pictures and profile. That depends on you. The important thing is to have some closer contact with her. This means that if you don’t mind spending money on it, the classic phone number works great too.

Once we have this better way of contacting her, we just have to keep knowing her and sexualizing our interest in her, if we have not done so already (at first it’s more difficult, but this step is CRUCIAL). That is, congratulate her and tell her how much WE like the cleavage, her hair, eyes, legs, how much WE like her nice picture in a bikini, etc. And after that, we must almost instantly change the subject. It should last only a moment, but it will stay in her mind.

We must do this a few times depending on her reaction. If you do it only once because she feigned that was inappropriate, you’ll be a no-balls for her. You have to rinse and repeat this sexualization-change subject process a few times at least. It is what is called sexualizing the conversation, but you have to combine it with normal conversation, it must be like a wasp prick that we give from time to time, so she knows you have sexual interest in her.

When you've done this enough, simply set a date. The best dates are those in which you're going to do something and ask her to join, but you're doing it regardless of her answer. It has not to be a super interesting date. The important thing is to meet face to face.

Once you have a date, organize it all to end at the home of one of the two, and invite her to come and do anything that has nothing to do with sex. In my experience this is the best way because you the girl know you have a sexual interest in her (given that you’ve sexualized, as I said before). If she wants sex or at least make out, she’ll enter your house or invite you to hers.

If it does not work, just repeat this sexualizing-date process until you get the mission accomplished.
Don’t show too much interest. If it doesn’t work, take several days to re-ask her. The best way not to force this situation is that REALLY having other dates with other girls and having fun on free naked cams like those on LipsKissTits.

If you do all that this I told you in this post and the others your success fucking girls will explode.